Our FAQs page has answers to the most-asked questions, but you can always Ask the Captain your question!


Where is the Sea Gun Marina?

The Marina is Located 10 miles North of Rockport on Highway 35. Travel North on 35. At the North end of Copano Bay Bridge you will see the marina on your right. There is a Yellow Billboard that reads “Sea Gun Bait” in black letters. As soon as you cross the Copano Bay Bridge you will see a Exxon gas station. Turn right at the gas station. In 100 feet turn right again. This will bring you into the Marina. At the bottom of the hill turn right. Just past the boat ramp turn left. We are in the very last covered boat stall. We will be driving either a blue or a white Chevy pick-up truck.

If you have a map app or GPS please enter: 100 Mills Wharf Rd, Rockport TX   Our cell numbers are: Kevin 361-790-3746  & Lori 361-790-3742

What is the cost of the trip?

Our tours are custom fit for your group. They lasts four to six hours. The cost is $450.00 for the first four people. $25.00 per person extra. We take a maximum of six passengers.
1 to 4 passengers is $450.00
5 passengers is $475.00
6 Passengers is $500.00
Is there a deposit required

We require a $100.00 deposit to hold your tour. To make your deposit you can call us with a credit card 361-790-3746 or mail a check to:

Aransas Bay Adventures
1612 8th St.
Rockport, Tx. 78382

Deposits & Cancellation Policy:

Deposits will be refunded to you only when you provide us with a minimum of 10 days notice that you need to cancel.  Deposits will be refunded due to weather or mechanical issues.

As the weatherman is frequently wrong. Especially on the 7 – 15 day forecast. All weather cancellations will be decided by the Captains. We keep a very close eye on the weather and will do our best to keep you safe and make sure you have an awesome day on the water.  Please note that if you are using a weather app on your phone or tablet they are for a broad area. The apps are not specific to one location and in our case, ALL of south Texas. This includes the area from Houston to Brownsville and North to Austin and San Antonio.

When do Rookery Island Trips begin?

Rookery Trips begin in early March. Once the Whoopers leave in early April we will be doing Rookery Trips exclusively. My favorite time is mid April when the chicks begin to hatch.
Rookery Tours typically end on May 31st

What Lens should I bring?

We have ample room for your gear in the enclosed cabin. Please feel free to bring your tripods and long lens. Some photographers set up their tripods and then have a hand held with a 100-400 or 200-500 depending on what your have. I shoot with a Tamron 150-600. If you have more questions please email us.

Is there a restroom on board?

Each of our tour boats has a port-a-potty inside the boat cabin. Generally, the men will go up to the upper deck and let the women have the cabin.

How many passengers can the Jack Flash and Lady Lori accommodate?

Our tours are limited to six passengers. For Photography five with tripods is comfortable. Two on the bow deck and three on the top deck. There is still room for a third tripod on the front deck.
For birding, sunset and dolphin charters we can accommodate 6 passengers. There is plenty of room for your spotting scopes with tripods.

Will you put parties together to help with the cost?

We realize that are tours may be considered expensive for some, we offer “Shared Charters” that help save you money!   To organize a shared charter we need to know your interest so that we place you with others of same interest. For example, a photographer may wish to sit in one spot and wait for the optimum shot while a birder is more interested in seeing the birds and habitat and will wish to move on to the next area.  Next we need to know the specific trip date so that we can advertise the availability on our website and all our social media links.  Shared photography tours usually fill-up quickly whereas a shared birding charter can take longer.  The more notice you can provide us, the better chance we will have to fill your charter and save you money!

We generally limit the shared photography charters to four people, however to help with cost we will allow up to six per charter – as long as all parties agree.  A 4-person charter is $112.50 per person, a 5-person charter is $95 per person and a 6-person charter is $85 per person.

Shared charters require payment in full and in advance, in order to schedule. This is for our protection and yours. (We have had people not show-up for shared charters and this leaves us either doing the tour at a loss or asking you to pay the full fare.  If we are unable to fill your charter you will have the option of having your payment refunded to you or you can go ahead and pay the balance and take the tour.  For a list of scheduled charters please visit our Shared Charters Page.

Can I bring food and drink on board?

Yes you may bring whatever you like to eat and drink. We will provide bottled water and we have an ice chest to ice-down your drinks/snacks too!

Can you accommodate my children?

Yes children are welcome. Please provide the ages and general size of the child so we can have the proper life vest.

When will the Whooping Cranes arrive?

The Whooping Cranes will begin to straggle in around mid Oct. They arrive in Family groups so it takes a few weeks for them all to arrive.

When will the Whooping Cranes leave?

The Whooping Cranes will all be gone by mid-to-late April. They will leave in family groups beginning in early April.

If you have a question that wasn’t answered on our FAQs page, please call 361-7903746 or send us an e-mail!