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10% Discount is offered to all Active Military and Disabled Veterans.

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PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOPS AVAILABLE:  Hone your photography skills by signing-up for our Photography Workshops that are regularly hosted by:

Larry Ditto www.LarryDitto.com, Jeff Parker www.JeffParkerImages.com, Mike Sloat www.mikesloat.net, and Nate Chappell www.trogontours.com, Scott Buckle www.scottbuckelphoto.com/ and Hector Astorga www.hectorastorga.com/workshops.html  Photo Clubs like The Austin Shutterbugs also host their workshops with us!  Ask the Captain when the next Workshop will be held and then make plans to attend!

Trip Overview:  We recommend leaving a half hour before daylight. This allows us to be on site with the sun coming up at our backs. This can be a great time to get flight shots when the Cranes are coming out to feed. We will stay on each subject until you are ready to move on. You won’t be on the boats schedule as you would on a larger group boat. As there is no set return time we can sit and wait for the behavior shot you are looking for.  The shallow draft of our boat allows us to get into areas that larger boats cannot. This also allows us to get-in really close to the birds.  The boat sits on the bottom to make it as stable as possible. We can accommodate up to five tripods. There are three different levels to shoot from. The bow and aft decks will get you level with the birds while the upper deck will get you above the grass and brush if needed.


Departure  & Info: Your tour will start at the Sea Gun Marina then we will navigate into Aransas Bay and past the Goose Island State Park. We will then travel along the South shoreline of the Aransas Wildlife Refuge to the Inter coastal Waterway. Once in the Inter coastal we will enter the main body of the Refuge which you will have opportunities to photograph Whooping Cranes as well as shore birds. Your tour will take you North on the Inter coastal along the Refuge and into San Antonio Bay to the North end of the Refuge, this is the turning point of the tour. The boat is at your disposal for the duration of your tour. We will stop for anything you would like to see and stay at each site as long as you wish. We are on your schedule not ours.  Average Trip Time: 4 to 6 hours

What to Expect: This is the best part of the tour!  We won’t simply turn and take you home from there when time’s up.  No, we will continue to look for birding opportunities. We can enter San Antonio, Ayres and Mesquite Bays to check out the lakes and reefs for feeding birds. We will then return home through Carlos Bay where we will check out reefs and some small islands. In San Antonio Bay and Carlos Bay and depending upon the time of year, there are the Rookery Islands where you’ll find and photograph many species of birds. Watch them build their nest, lay their eggs, and eve see the eggs hatch!  (Rookery Island Tours are only active in the Spring and Early Summer.)


What We Provide: Bottled water, life vests, and there’s a port-a-potty inside the cabin.  Feel free to bring whatever you wish to drink and eat. We provide an iced-down ice chest too!

What You Might Bring: Dress for the weather – bring a light or heavy jacket.  On colder days, you may need gloves, caps and scarfs.  Of course bring your photography equipment.  There is plenty of dry and safe storage inside the cabin to protect your sensitive equipment from the weather elements.  Take along some favorite snacks and drinks if you like!  Be sure to print out your Birding Checklist.  Choose from our printable Birding Checklist below for the season that is applicable:


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Morning Private Photography/Birding Charters – The Jack Flash



Morning Private Photography/Birding Charters – The Lady Lori


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Visit our FAQs & Info page for location map and directions to marina, deposits and cancellation policy.